St. Joseph question/help

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St. Joseph question/help

Postby Hueby » Thu Aug 26, 2010 7:10 am

Morning All

Back in 1949 there was a school who played U.P. football teams by the name of St. Joesph. They may have been a team from Wisconsin or Lower Michigan.

Does anybody out there know who they were/where they were from? Any info would help.

They were a Class C school. Late in the 1949 season they were 1-4 and I did catch that Munising had defeated "St. Joe" 14-0.

Just curious who they were. I know there were a few private schools in the U.P. back then. There was a private school in Negaunee (Don't remember their name) and there was Bishop Baraga in Marquette. I believe both those schools fielded basketball teams.

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Re: St. Joseph question/help

Postby Hueby » Sun Aug 29, 2010 9:06 am

Well I found my answer by total accident. It was in the michigan-football website. In Escanaba, there used to be a Class B school called "Holy Name." Before they were Holy Name, they were a Class C school named "St. Joseph."

I know Escanaba Holy Name played small private schools in Wisconsin too.

It appears the private schools of the Negaunee Saint Paul Emeralds and the Ironwood Saint Ambrose Ramblers merged to become the "Ironwood Catholic Ramblers." Don't know details of the merger.

So anyway I hope I caught them all, but using here is a list of Upper Michigan Inactive/Closed Schools and/or athletic programs. Some of these schools/programs merged with nearby schools.

* = had a basketball program
** = had both basketball and football programs

Alpha Mastodons *
Amasa Hematites
Calumet Copper Country Christian
Channing RailRoaders *
Crystal Falls Trojans **
Eben Junction Eagles *
Escanaba Holy Name Crusaders **
Ewen Bulldogs *
Felch Foresters *
Garden Jets *
Hancock Ripley
Hermansville Redskins *
Iron River Redskins **
Iron River Bates Braves
Ironwood Catholic Ramblers
Ironwood Saint Ambrose Ramblers
Laurium Sacred Heart
Marenisco Milltowners *
Marquette Bishop Baraga Royals **
Marquette J.D. Pierce Warriors **
Michigamme Eagles *
Nahma Arrows *
National Mine Cougars*
Negaunee Saint Paul Emeralds *
Ontonagon Polar Bears **
Perkins Yellowjackets *
Powers-Spaulding Tigers **
Republic Hawks *
Rock Little Giants **
Sault Sainte Marie Loretto Angels **
Stambaugh Hilltoppers **
Trenary Comets *
Trout Creek Anglers *
Wakefield Cardinals **
White Pine Warriors **
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Re: St. Joseph question/help

Postby ftballfan » Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:58 pm

A few missing schools:
Bergland Vikings ( - Last year 1984 [now part of Ewen-Trout Creek]
Champion Indians ( - Last year 1974 [now part of Westwood]
Chassell Doelle Spartans ( - Last year 1968 [now part of Chassell]
Cooks Clippers ( - Last year 1967 [now part of Big Bay de Noc]
Hulbert ( - Last year 1955 [now part of Brimley?]
Mass Rockets ( - Last year 1967 [now part of Ontonagon]
Mohawk Keweenaw Miners ( - Last year 2002
Paradise Rockets ( - Still open, but left MHSAA around 2008
Rockland Blackhawks ( - Last year 1958 [now part of Ontonagon]
Trout Lake ( - No basketball team, but still MHSAA member until 1953 [now part of Rudyard?]
Vulcan GiantKillers ( - Last year 1964 [now part of Norway]
Winona ( - Last year 1953 [now part of Jeffers?]
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Re: St. Joseph question/help

Postby GNCrocks » Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:08 pm

I know I am replying to an old post.

St. Joseph was merged into Holy Name. But there was an independent school of St. Patricks. At one time for about a 15-20 year stretch. Escanaba had 3 high schools.
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