A little from 1963

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A little from 1963

Postby Hueby » Sun Apr 24, 2011 6:42 am

I came across a little article that involved the M & M teams. These were my notes:

From the Green Bay Press Gazette Sep 12, 1963

Coach Dennis Mairs' Marines were heading to Antigo to play the highly reguarded Red Robins of the Wisconsin Valley Conference.

The article eventually mentions Marinette lost their game the week prior to a powerful Wausau team, 23-24.

Menominee meanwhile, would be hosting Escanaba Holy Name- who were the defending U.P. Champion. In practice, Menominee was concentrating on pass defense in hopes of throttling Holy Name's QB Frank Trotter.

The week prior, Trotter had 3 TD passes as the Esky parachials bombed Rudyard 40-0.

Mike LeFleur, a 6-3 185 lb senior end, grabbed the 3 Trotter TD passes for scores of 28, 21 and 32 yards. Trotter also had 114 yds on the ground, while fullback John Quinn was the big ground gainer for Escanaba Holy Name. (no stat given).

Menominee had gotten their 1st win in 2 decisions with a hard earned win over Marquette Graveraet 12 -7. The Maroons were led by John LeBoutun, Lyle Beyer, Gary Gignac and Walter Callies, while linebacker Dave Sharkus was a "demon on defense."
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Re: A little from 1963

Postby Hueby » Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:25 am

Here's a few more things to add:

Today "Wausau" is split- Wausau East and Wausau West. So I'm guessing in 1963 it was just one school?

Also while scrolling through the 1963 editions of the Press Gazette, I ran across something of interest to U.P. football I wanted to pass a long:

We have learned decades back that different Wisconsin high schools (as well as Menominee, MI) played against "St. Norbert College." Well, it wasn't like it would be today. It's not like the high school Menominee Maroons playing the D3 college St. Norbert Green Knights.

Back then at St. Norbert there was a "high school section" of the college. (So it appears high school aged students could attend this school to receive a religious education. Note the link here with private schools).

The "High School Department" of St. Norbert College provided the football players since the early 1900's until around 1925, when football died out. It came back around 1928 as "St. Norbert High" and was coached by a Father David Rondou. St. Norbert High eventually would become "DePere Abbot Pennings."

In DePere Pennings' first interscholastic game on November 3, 1938, they traveled up to Escanaba and defeated Escanaba St. Joseph's in a close one, 13-6.

During their existance, most of their games would be against private schools here in Wisconsin. However in 1973 they did play the U.P.'s Marquette Redmen, winning a close one 14-13.

I do know eventually Pennings would close and merge with Green Bay Premontre- and the two would become the current GB Notre Dame Academy.

I understand the building that was DePere Abbot Pennings still stands on the campus today (For those of you down here it's close to the bridge that connects the two DePere's).

Also in 1963, the big player here in this part of Wisconsin was Appleton Xavier's Rockey Blier- many of you know of him. For the younger football players- you should google him. He was a great American.

Oh yes, in 1963 here in Wisconsin just like in the U.P, the football schedule was set up for the agricultural lifestlye. Football didn't start until after school started. The season started later September and ran into November (usually 8 games).

No playoff system, teams had rankings (well which probably led to why we "needed" a playoff system).

For "Rankings" there were only 3 divisions in high school football here in WI:

1) Large Schools
2) Small Schools
3) Private Schools.

If I remember correctly, in early Sep 1963 the #1 ranked large school at the time was Wausau, #1 small school was Thorp, and #1 ranked private school was Appleton Xavier.
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