GNC - Playoffs Rnd 1 2020

Conference talk for the Great Northern teams. Gladstone, Escanaba, Kingsford, Marquette, and Menominee

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GNC - Playoffs Rnd 1 2020

Postby GNCrocks » Tue Oct 27, 2020 4:22 pm

Muskegon Reeths-Puffer @ Marquette- The Rockets have not played a team from the U.P. since they played Escanaba in Petoskey in 1992 and walked away with a 14-6 Win after a possible tying Esky TD was called back late. The Rockets went on to win the State Class A championship that year. RP is 2-4 and played a mostly Class A schedule. They have never made a trip larger than 3 hours in the history of the program, and a COLD game on the turf in Marquette to a team that might be the best Redmen team in history will not go well. RP is big on the line but talent is fast but raw. Marquette's maturity will win this one out and road legs on the visitors.
Rockets 6
Redmen 21

Negaunee @ Gladstone- This game should be fun. Gladstone can hit, and when they are playing their game they are playing it well. The Miners will have had 21 days off and the only real team to HIT them this year was Gladstone earlier in the year. The field at Gladstone during the Escanaba game was in poor condition. Surprised this game was not moved to Escanaba or other, its that bad. If Gladstone sticks to their game the rust on the miners and the spark that Gladstone has will not make this one as close as earlier in the year.
Miners 13
Braves 26

Ogemaw Heights @ Kingsford- Another team making their first REAL trip to the U.P. (OH has been to the Soo once) The Falcons played a mixed schedule and also wont be coming off of sitting for a week like the Flivvers, but they are not used to trips much more than 2.5 hours. However, I think the Falcons are more talented than the Flivvers, the road and the bounces/calls K usually gets at home will be too much to over come in the end. Expect another great game between these 2. Last time they played Kingsford won with a long play with 50 seconds or so on the clock. Its a memory for the fans, but the kids were 8 when that happened. So not in the forethought of revenge.
Falcons 21
Flivvers 27

Escanaba @ Alma- Should these 2 just play each other in the regular season. My god. This is the 4th time in 5 years, and the 3rd of the 4 in Alma. This trip is nothing new for the Eskymos. They have only played 2 games, and hopefully got their "early season" issues out of the way. They looked great in the 2nd half vs. Gladstone their defense was amazing and the offense finally found a groove. If you don't think Alma dosnt have this game circled and underlined you are fooling your self. Dropping 3 in a row to Escanaba hurt, especially the one in 2018 at home in the final minutes. Just to give you some perspective when Alma's cheerleaders beat Escanaba's in 2018 in the Sectional Finals they acted as if they won it all. They know, and the kids on this team grew up watching their school lose to Esky 1, 2, 3 times in a row. While the Eskymos did not look great vs. Mqt. & first qtr vs. Gladstone the Panthers have NO offense. If Esky's defense shows up, I don't know if Alma will score to be honest with you. The Panthers did score 28 & 35 in their two wins but they were vs really bad teams; When they played anyone with a defense they could hardly move the ball. This game will all come down to if Esky can move the ball, if they can't its a dog fight... If the field is dry, and Esky's play makers get open, its over...I don't want to predict a huge Eskymo victory, as they have been their worst enemy in early games. Last week being flagged over 11 times.
Eskymos 20
Panthers 7

BYE @ Menominee-
BYE has not every fared very well in games. In fact they are the losing-est program in history. All Maroons, in every aspect of the game will dominate.
No Names 0
Maroons 2

Yup, Im predicting a 5-0 GNC sweep.
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Re: GNC - Playoffs Rnd 1 2020

Postby yoopernib2 » Fri Nov 13, 2020 9:39 pm

Good luck tomorrow to Marquette the last GNC team left in the playoffs going against Michigan HS power house Muskegon, the UP is behind you!!!!
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