Arctic Blast Vs. Buccaneers

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Arctic Blast Vs. Buccaneers

Postby NCACoach » Mon May 29, 2006 1:41 pm

The UP Arctic Blast will be playing their first ever game in Norway this weekend. They will be facing the team that gave them their only regular season loss last year the Windy City Buccaneers.

The game begins at 6pm. Hope you guys can make it.

For more information go to
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Postby upfootball » Mon May 29, 2006 4:17 pm

I think I will make this one. I watched this game in the playoffs last year in Powers. Nothing against the North Central facility, but Norway is a much more pleasant field to watch a game from. At least from a fans perspective.

I look forward to seeing a constantly improving Arctic Blast team. The game I saw last year, I must admit I walked away very impressed with the Blast.
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Postby blast61 » Mon May 29, 2006 8:56 pm

North Central is good to us. I am interested in what kind of turnout we are going to have in Norway. You cant really compare the North Central turnout to the Norway turnout because of the crappy weather we have been having.

North Central is also putting new bleachers in within the next year. That will help the fans.

Hopefully we can continue to have a game or two per year around the UP. I am going to look into getting a game in the dome for next year possibly.

Glad to see you are going to try and make it. The reason we keep on improving is more and more players are comming out for the team. These teams that we play dont understand what UP football is all about.

The only reason the team last week was in the game was we had to shake off the 6 hour bus ride in the first quarter. They got two defensive TD's off of a couple of mental errors.
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Postby Soldier in Iraq » Sun Jun 04, 2006 8:27 am

Anybody know the score to the game?
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Postby upfootball » Sun Jun 04, 2006 1:14 pm

The Blast won 31-7. They came out very quickly and dominated the first quarter with a 14-0 lead. The Bucs came back in the 2nd quarter and made some defensive adjustments and got within 14-7 at halftime. The second half was all Blast as Buyarski looked like he was still running through the Haslett defense in the Silverdome.

I will post the stats as soon as I receive them.
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Postby upfootball » Sun Jun 04, 2006 7:06 pm

UPAB Press Release

2006 Game Stats vs. Windy City Buccaneers 6 - 03

Scoring by Quarters and Final

Quarter 1 2 3 4 Final
Windy City Buccaneers 0 7 0 0 7
U P Arctic Blast 14 0 10 7 31

1st Quarter
12:24- Dave Parrett blocked punt recovered by Jon Gorzinski in End zone for Touchdown
(Ty Hartung Extra Pt Good)

1:12- Drew Buyarski 4 Yard Touchdown Run
(Ty Hartung Extra Pt Good)

2nd Quarter
Windy City Bucs Score

3rd Quarter
Ty Hartung 32 Yard Field Goal Good

00:15 – Jake Simkins 5 Yard Touchdown Run
(Ty Hartung Extra Pt Good)

4th Quarter
7:28 – Jake Simkins Passes to Jeff Taff for a 10 Yard Touchdown Pass
(Ty Hartung Extra Pt Good)

Blast record 4 – 0 . (3 – 0 in the GPFL)


Drew Buyarski 18 carries for 120 yards and a TD
Craig Jensen 10 carries for 41 yards
Jake Simkins 6 attempts for 41 yards and a TD
Ed Mierzejewski 4 carries for 13 yards
Jonathan Bell 3 carries for 2 yards
Jonathan Bell 3 carries for 2 yards
Chad Olson 1 carry for 4 yards
Jonas Olson 2 carries for 12 yards
Ben Glinski 1 carry for 1 yard
Jeff Taff 1 carry for 1 yard

Totals 46 carries for 235 yards

Jake Simkins 6 completions for 16 attempts 73 yards, TD

Total Yards 308

Jeff Taff 3 catches for 30 Yards and a TD
Chad Olson 2 catches for 36 Yards
Leo Gorzinski 1 catch for 7 yards

Jon Gorzinski 7 tackles TD on blocked punt recovery
Matt Mainville 7 tackles
Dave Parrett 6 tackles and a Blocked Punt
Dave Hereau 6 tackles
Tony McCarthy 5 tackles and 3 SACS
5 tackles Jeremy Havelka, Craig Jensen, Brad Dumke,
Tyler Hill 3 tackles
Jonathan Bell 3 tackles and a 35 yard interception
2 tackles Chad Olson, Nate Smithson, Nick Nerat,
Craig Paquin, Ben Glinski
Drew Buyarski 1 tackle and an Interception
James Bolen 1 tackle and 1 SAC
Josh Hundsrucker 1 Fumble Recovery
1 tackle Jake Simkins, Ed Mierzejewski, Tom McCarthy, Tim Ellison

Punts: Ty Hartung 2 for a 37 yard average

Punt Return Jeff Taff, 2 for 42 yards

Kick Return Jeff Taff 2 for a 29 yard average

Kick Offs Ty Hartung 6 for a 45 yard average

Both teams entered the game with unbeaten, 3-0, (2-0 GPFL) records.
The Arctic Blast scored first on a Dave Parrett blocked punt that was covered in the end zone by Jon Gorzinski. (12:24 left in first quarter)
With 1:12 left in the period Drew Buyarski plunged into the end zone from the 4 yard line to make the score 13 – 0. Ty Hartung was good on all 4 PAT attempts.
In the second quarter the Bucs scored to make the tally 14 – 7 in favor of the Blast.
During half time some offensive and defensive adjustments were made by the Arctic Blast.
Not long into the 3rd quarter, Ty Hartung was good on a 32 yard field goal.
With 15 seconds remaining in the 3rd , Jake Simkins scooted from five yards out to make the score, 24 – 7.
The final score came with 7:28 remaining on a Jake Simkins 10 yd pass to Jeff Taff.

Game highlights would include a diving circus catch by Jeff Taff, the forceful running of Drew Buyarski, Jake Simkin’s overall leadership and solid all around play highlighted by the defense’s best game to date.

Next opponent,, the Racine Threat on Saturday, June 10th at Ronberg Field in Norway
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