Blast vs Blaze

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Blast vs Blaze

Postby upfootball » Sun Jun 18, 2006 9:28 am

Blast 14
Blaze 0

I would like to get some details from this game. I would have thought the Blast could have beaten the Blaze 14-0 in their sleep. Considering the Windy City Bucs pounded the Blaze easily this year 37-6 and the Blast beat the Bucs handily a couple weeks ago 31-7. Also the fact that the Blaze didn't even bother showing up to a game in Minnesota last week. They instead choose to forfeit the game. I assume some of the Blast players sat this one out and the Blaze have some good players when they actually feel like playing.
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Postby Rosso60 » Sun Jun 18, 2006 10:54 am

I'm kicking myself for not going.

Reason being is I wasn't sure if there was going to be a game down there in Reedsville or not. I was reading the message boards on the Blaze site and GPFL site and got the impression there might not be a game (prediction's like 2-0 forfeit, etc).

On Thur evening I drove by their practice site (Blaze) 2 guys were playing catch and about 4-5 were standing around by their cars talking. Again, giving me the impression they might not have enough players.

There were more Ashwaubenon Jaguar high school football players out doing speed workouts by the track.

So congrats to the Blast on the win. Was a hot one yesterday. Am still kicking myself for not going.
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Postby UPARCTICBLASTSTATMAN » Sun Jun 18, 2006 11:49 am

The blast offense started the game off fast and scored on the first drive. The defense held strong with 6 turnovers. the offense couldnt move the ball they finally scored again with 4:58 left in the fourth quarter. The game wasnt the best i have seen the blast play they are a lot better then what they played yesterday!
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Postby upfootball » Sun Jun 18, 2006 4:57 pm

Blast Press Release

2006 Game Stats vs. Wisconsin Blaze 6 - 17

Scoring by Quarters and Final

Quarter 1 2 3 4 Final
Wisconsin Blaze 0 0 0 0 0
U P Arctic Blast 7 0 0 7 14

1st Quarter
10:08 - Drew Buyarski 1 Yard Touchdown Run
(Jarvi Kick Good)

2nd Quarter

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter
4:58 – Drew Buyarski 1 Yard Touchdown Run
(Jarvi Kick Good)

Blast record 6 – 0. (4 – 0 in the GPFL)


Drew Buyarski 15 carries for 41 yards and 2 TD and a Fumble Lost
Jonas Olson 11 carries for 48 yards 2 Fumbles recovered by Jeff Taff
Craig Jensen 6 carries for 18 yards
Ed Mierzejewski 4 carries for 23 yards
Jake Simkins 3 attempts for 23 yards
Chad Olson 2 carries for 4 yards

Rushing Totals: 41 carries for 157 yards

Jake Simkins 10 completions for 20 attempts 151 yards and a INT
Shaun Anderson 0 for 1 Passing

Total Team Yards: 308

Leo Gorzinski 4 catches for 63 yards
Jeff Taff 2 catches for 32 Yards
Chad Olson 2 catches for 26 Yards
Drew Buyarski 1 catch for 25 Yards
Jonas Olson 1 catch for 5 Yards

Matt Mainville 9 tackles and INT for 44 Yards and INT for 15 Yards
Dave Parrett 7 tackles and a FUM REC
Tony McCarthy 5 tackles and a SAC
Jeremy Havelka 5 tackles and a SAC
3 tackles : Jon Gorzinski, Chad Olson, Dave Hereau
Craig Jensen 24 Yard Interception return
Drew Buyarski 20 yd Interception return
Ted Glinski Interception
1 tackle: Jonas Olson, Jesse Cronick, Jake Simkins, Craig Paquin, Brad Dumke

Punts: Ty Hartung 1 for 40 yards

Punt Return: Jeff Taff, 1 for 1 yard

Kick Return: Chad Olson 1 for 14 yards

Kick Offs: Levi Jarvi 3 for a 47 yard average

Field Goals: Jarvi Kick Blocked 28 Yard Attempt
Jarvi Kick Blocked 43 Yard Attempt
Ty Hartung Kick Blocked 30 Yard Attempt

The game proved to be a study in frustration. Frustration caused by the failure to score in the red zone. Three field goal attempts were blocked and a number of other drives ended in fourth down failures.
Green Bay was coming off a week without a game and that seemed to buoy them up. All the teams are doing their level best to knock the Blast from the undefeated teams remaining. The only other team sporting a record without a loss is the Chippewa Valley Predators. The clash is scheduled for three weeks in Eau Claire.
All of a sudden the Blast has been hit with some critical position injuries. More on that later when the players have been checked out.
There is no truth in the rumor that the Blast has lost any players to another team in the League. It is difficult to imagine where that rumor came from.

Next game, the Central WI (Wausau) Panthers likely at the North Central Field at 6 PM on June 24th. There is some construction going on at the facility that may cause a last minute shift in play. This is a critical contest, a win is critical assessing the playoff picture beginning on the 15th of July. The Blast has no game on the 1st of July. The week is set aside by the League for family reasons.

We are hoping for a good turnout for the game. Travel expenses, depending on the outcome of the final two games is a real concern. The local turnout for the game in Reedsville vs the WI Blaze was encouraging.
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Postby blast61 » Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:41 am

I dont know if it was the heat or what it was but we had a lot of mistakes. We lost two fumbles and had an interception all within 30 yards of the endzone. Our defense really stepped up this week and came through. 5 Interceptions and an fumble recovery really helped. Next week the game will be at North Central.

Norway will not let us play there anymore this year. They are afraid that the field will be torn up for their season.

North Central will have their old bleachers but there will be stuff being done for the new bleachers.

This week should be a good game. Even though Wausau doesn't have a great record they have lost some really close games.
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