GPFL Championship Game

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GPFL Championship Game

Postby blast61 » Fri Jul 28, 2006 8:34 am

The Arctic Blast still have seats available for the GPFL championship game tomorrow. If you are interested in rideing the bus is leaving at 11am from the Iron Mountain K-Mart.

If you are interested in riding call Steve Miller at 906-776-9003
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Postby upfootball » Sun Jul 30, 2006 7:24 pm

Looks like the Blast didn't play one of their better games. They were beaten 56-13 by Rochester. This would be the 4th Title in a row for Rochester. As usual the Rochester Giants ran up the score and showed extremely poor sportsmanship with cheap shots. Obviously not good PR for the league. I would love for one of the teams in this league to get better and catch the Giants on an off day. Paybacks are a bitch. But I have always been a firm believer in what comes around goes around and in due time the Giants will get theirs.

Great year for the Blast. I think they were better this year and keep getting better every year. They need more players help them out next season. Still extremely thin as far as depth. Far too many two way starters.

I will post details when I receive the press release.
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Postby upfootball » Mon Jul 31, 2006 5:36 am

Blast Press Release
2006 Game Stats vs. Rochester Giants

Scoring by Quarters and Final

Quarter 1 2 3 4 Final
Rochester Giants 7 21 21 7 56
U P Arctic Blast 0 6 0 7 13

1st Quarter
Rochester Giants Score

2nd Quarter
12:42- Jake Simkins 23 yard touchdown pass to Jeff Taff
Levi Jarvi Kick NO good
Giants Score
Giants Score
Giants Score

3rd Quarter
Giants Score
Giants Score
Giants Score

4th Quarter
Giants Score
: 03 – Shaun Anderson 14 yard touchdown pass to Jeff Taff
Jarvi Kick Good

Blast record 10 – 1


Drew Buyarski 13 carries for 41 yards
Jeff Taff 4 carries for 11 yards
Chad Olson 5 carries for 11 yards
Jake Simkins 1 attempt for 14 yards
Craig Jensen 8 carries for 26 yards
Ben Glinski 1 carry for 14 yards

Rushing Totals: 32 carries for 117 yards

Jake Simkins 6 for 13 passing for 55 yards and 3 INT
Shaun Anderson 5 for 11 passing for 55 yards

Total Team Yards: 227 yards

Leo Gorzinski 1 catch for 20 yards
Jeff Taff 6 catches for 71 yards
Craig Jensen 1 catch for 5 yards
Chad Olson 2 catches for 20 yards
Drew Buyarski 1 catch for -6 yards

Tim McCarthy 9 tackles and 2 Sacks
Matt Mainville 8 tackles
Tony McCarthy 8 tackles
Jon Gorzinski 6 tackles
Dave Parrett 5 tackles
Tyler Hill 4 tackles
Tom McCarthy 4 tackles
3 tackles: Craig Jensen, Drew Buyarski, Dave Hereau
2 tackles: Ted Glinski, Jonathan Bell, Jeremy Havelka
1 tackle: Chad Olson, Chris Gorzinski, Brad Dumke

Punts: Ty Hartung 8 for 48 yard average

Kick Returns: Jeff Taff 1 for 20 yards
Brad Dumke 4 for 16 yard average
Leo Gorzinski 1 for 10 yards
Jon Droska 1 for 6 yards

Kick Offs: Levi Jarvi 3 for 35 yard average

This one was all the Rochester Giants. They scored once and the closest the Blast could come was 6 – 7 at the beginning of the second quarter. The Super Bowl was one of a bigger and faster team prevailing. Once the Giant offense penetrated the line of scrimmage the Blast was not able to recover and stop the play. The result was then that the faster team on artificial turf was the winner, big time.

The statistics included speak well for themselves.

Lee Jarvi’s kick off totals represent the fact that the Blast used a different strategy for kickoffs based on recent performances.

WE all look forward to taking a significant step forward during the 2007 schedule. It is not too early to indicate one’s interest in playing for the Blast next year. Please visit website http://www.arcticblastfootball or call 906-563-8426.
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