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Postby mqtfalum » Sat May 15, 2010 11:44 pm

Any news on the Lions meet? who are the top runners this year? real quite this year on the track and field board.
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Re: 2010

Postby trezdustrial » Fri May 21, 2010 2:07 pm

Yeah it is...
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Re: 2010

Postby Hueby » Sun May 30, 2010 9:29 am

I don't know if I can stir up some posts, but I'd like to share some track stuff from here in the Green Bay area.

Overall it was pretty good year again for those who ran track. The season started with more indoor meets courtesy of U-W Oshkosh and their indoor track facility. That was a huge help and it was fun for the athletes to compete against many from different parts of Wisconsin.

Question: Does NMU or MTU offer indoor meets early in the season when the weather is bad? Any in Lower Michigan?

Green Bay Preble is the track "powerhouse" around here. They were the state indoor champions this year for the boys. Guess it came down to the final relay race. (Not sure about their girl's team).

I was at one meet up in Pulaski, and there were a lot of good teams from NE WI and also included schools from the Appleton area - like Kimberly and Kaukauna. On the girl's side, Seymour ran away with it by a huge margin.

Another question: In the U.P. and L.P. did you guys have many meets called "Medley Relay" races?

I had never heard of them, but they seem to be more and more common. I've talked to people from other areas of the state (both parents and athletes) and they would call them "Weird races" ha ha ha

These are relay races that mix sprinters, middle distance and long distance runners together. Green Bay East hosted one such meet. An example of a medley relay: The first runner runs 100m, hands baton off to the next runner who runs 200m, next runner 100m, then the next guy runs like 8 laps! (something like that)

Or the hurdles- everyone runs the 110 high hurdles, then as your teammate finishes, next guy runs 110 high hurdles back the opposite direction, then a 3rd runner back the original direction.

Then they had the 4 x 1 relay using field event athletes. It was fun watching the big football lineman running! Ashwaubenon had Ameran who'll play football up at MTU, and Pulaski had this "old school" looking lineman (real tall like 6-5, bigger around the waistline, crew cut ha ha- but could that guy run!!!!)

Preble took the fun out of that race! While everyone else used football linemen who did the shot put and discus, Preble used high jumpers, pole vaulters and long jumpers!!! They were clobbering everyone else in the meet, and did so again on this relay race!

Many of the meets around here finished with the 4 x 4 relay, and most were very exciting. All the track teammates from all the schools would line up just before the last straight away and cheer everyone on.

Wisconsin had their Regional meets this past Monday, then Sectionals on Thursday. Now the top three from each event moved on to states next week. This is a really big event held over at U-W LaCrosse.

At the sectional meet there was an athlete from New London won did 2 wheelchair events by herself. It was great to see this. Everybody cheered for her. I believe the WIAA just started this this year?

Every meet, my heart went out to those student-athletes who were out there competing, running near last place but weren't quitting. Those people didn't have to be there. They could have easily been home playing video games, playing the Wii or been home on Facebook. Or those girls who wiped out early on the 300m hurdles, and you'd see them crying in pain as they stepped over the hurdles to finish the race.

Well anyways, good luck to all the U.P. athletes moving on to the U.P. finals!
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