2016 preseason preview and other

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2016 preseason preview and other

Postby Mr. NCAA » Thu Aug 11, 2016 6:58 pm

Dear Coaches and Athletic Directors,
I want to thank each one of you again for all the help that you gave me last year for posting the football player statistics on Maxpreps in 2015. It was a major time saver for me.

If you can do the following, it would be greatly appreciated:
1 Please check your teams schedule on the MHSAA website. Last year there were more than a handful of games that was wrong.

2 If you can email me right away your school scrimmage with date, time, and teams involved, those will be published on the forum as well.

3 With 52 teams this year, I will need more cooperation than ever before so I can do everything. Please post your score in the manner and time frame that the MHSAA requests. This will enable me to start the ratings and get them done in a timely manner so I can start on the player statistics on Monday.

4 If you can provide the following after your scrimmage is over or before if you can do it, it would be greatly appreciated so that the preseason write ups on the teams can be very good. Please put your school in the title of the email so it will be easier for me to do the previews. I would like to get at least 20 of the previews from the coaches in order to post them on the thread. Otherwise I am afraid that there will be none since I didn’t do them in the offseason this year.
Coach’s name
Number of years at current school
Won loss record at current school
Other resume information if coached at more than one school
Number of offensive starters returning = names, grade, position, any statistics that you can provide
Number of defensive starters returning = names, grade, position, any statistics that you can provide
New offensive starters = names, grade, position
New defensive starters = names, grade, position
Number of players on varsity team plus number of players in each grade (including JV players on this list)
Starting players that graduated with position(s) listed

Preseason prediction poll for your league = if all or nearly all coaches participate, results will be published on the conference preview by points

All the newspaper links that your team is on to make sure that I have all the non pay ones

Any comments on team by you would be greatly appreciated as well

Plus give me all the JV teams that you know of, I will form a list and put it on the forum again.

6 If you can put player statistics on Maxpreps, it would be greatly appreciated so my all time player statistics would be more accurate.

7 If you can provide me the All Conference team with player’s name, school, position, and grade after those has been officially announced, it would be greatly appreciated. Plus I would like for the All State nominations to be done after the final has been played again to form an All State team (want to post my list one week after final). You can nominate any player that you want, but would like players that aren’t on your team as well.

8 Please email me when you have the chance your 2016 opponent player rosters with name, grade, and position if the team isn’t on Maxpreps. If you can’t find time during the season, then when your season is over will do just as nicely. Please bold the starters for the opponents as well (bold the offensive or defensive position or both. This will require separate columns for offensive and defensive positions.

If you can tell your fellow conference coaches and non conference coaches that you play about the thread, it would be greatly appreciated. Please ask them to cooperate on the preseason preview plus put the player roster and player statistics on Maxpreps. With more teams projects will take longer to do so player statistics from game write up articles are out. Please ask your local newspaper to not be a pay website if it is one. I can provide hits for them if they are a non pay website. In addition after your talk to the players after the game is over, please check the MHSAA website to make sure that your score is on the website before boarding the bus if it a road game whether you win or lose. This enables me to start on my projects faster such as doing the ratings calculations first.

Please keep in mind that the other than the subjective poll, all polls are done by computer formula. Remember that my subjective poll was better than the AP poll was last year when debating ratings. You can use my poll to motivate your players if you think that you belong in my subjective poll.

I will have to see how the season goes this year time wise. With more teams projects are going to take longer to do.

Thanks for your cooperation. The 2016 preseason preview will be posted on Searn's football forum if enough coaches cooperate.

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