The All Upper Peninsula Football teams have were kicked off in 1938.  Over the years many different formats have been used in assembling these teams by the Upper Peninsula Sports Writers.  Sometimes they come with heights, weights, classes, First team, Second team, Third team, Dream team, ABC team, D team, etc.  I have put these on my website by searching through old newspaper archives at various libraries.  The formats they used in the papers on any particular year is how they look here too.  The UPSSA has been inconsistent on the info they provide throughout the years.  In the earlier years they went from providing everything down to the players age and nationality to only names and teams. Then back and forth on stuff. I would suggest always keeping the heights, weights and classes. Looking back to the early years and seeing those on many of them is truly fascinating and will be for generations to come. I have not included the honorable mention players because those lists are far too long. Especially in the current era where the UP lists are far too extensive for the limited amount of teams that play in my opinion. What makes this area interesting is all the names some of you may recognize.  Its a good look at some great history of Upper Peninsula High School Football.  As always if any of you have something more you would like to share with me about this don't hesitate to email me.  If you think I might find it interesting, I bet so would many others who like to take a look at the history of Upper Peninsula High School Football.  I am still searching for the 1943 All UP team.  The war years seems harder to find sports information in the paper.  Understandable. Also please email any corrections I need to make to these lists.  It is very easy for me to make mistakes when transferring a blurry newspaper article to the website.

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